How Can I Post Dispatches On-The-Fly?


This screen allows you to batch create dispatches for all customers with a certain agreement type, regardless of their current maintenance schedule. This can be very useful for companies that have to perform work for customers based on the weather or other hard to predict circumstances.

For example: If you charge customers to plow their driveways every time it snows, create agreements for these customers and break out the agreement types geographically. Then when it snows, go to this screen and select the zone that matches the area that received the snowfall. Set the Service Request Code to be your 'snow removal' code and pick a Date and Time for the dispatches. Click OK and you will have created a dispatch for each customer with an agreement in that zone.

To Post On The Fly Dispatches

  1. Go to Agreements → Post On-The-Fly Dispatches.
  2. Select the Agreement Type to Post.
  3. Assign a Service Request Code for the dispatches to be posted.
  4. Select the Promise Date and Time for these dispatches to post to.
  5. If you need to pass any notes or instructions to your technicians, you may do so by adding them to the Additional Notes field.
  6. Click OK and your selected dispatches will be generated.
    (It will not be necessary to check the Place a hold... box, as this is for Legacy features only.)

Important Note: The dispatches will be created for the default technician assigned to the agreement.


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