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Finally, a user friendly back-up utility has arrived! This month we’re going to chat about a program that enables you to back-up your ESC database to different sources, including some cloud-based options. This software gives you a user friendly way to setup your automatic backup. It is has a great interface and is extremely easy to use. Better yet, this program is free!

Click the link above to install SQL Backup Master on your server. This program was designed by Key Metric Software, a company out of Traverse City, Michigan.

Now, let’s get into what the program is all about!

All of the tabs and areas with text are straight forward. You can see what features are available and just the right amount of information that you need when managing your backup.

What I am particularly fond of is the ability to create a manual backup at any time, by clicking the Back up now button. Another neat feature is the Actions button. This allows you to view a comprehensive log that details the success (or failure) of your database backup. Also, through the Actions button you can click Settings and change the Schedule of your backup, Add or Remove Destinations of the backup file, or practically any setting they offered when you initially created the backup.

Now, what you are likely more interested in hearing… what destinations do they accommodate?

They accommodate Local OR Network Folder, FTP Server and Dropbox at no cost.

Awesome side note: If you are using any version of Windows that offers the OneDrive folder, you can use that as your Local or Network Folder. How awesome is that? If you designate that One Drive folder, SQL Backup Master will back-up your database directly to OneDrive and then OneDrive will automatically back up your database to their cloud service.

You’re welcome.

Okay, back on track. Also, you can see they offer integration with Google Drive, Box, Amazon S3, and Azure Storage… but you’ll have to purchase a license for the program. You’ll want to investigate that on your own if you are interested in those alternative methods.

You can check out our full KB article on it by following the link below. This article will show you how to configure the software to perfrom a basic recurring backup of your ESC database.

As a gentle reminder. SQL Backup Master is not a product of dESCO; and as such, we do not offer troubleshooting or support on this product. If you have any further questions or issues with this product, please contact their support.

Written by Scott Haugsjaa
Featured in October 2014 Newsletter

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