Importing and Editing Zip Codes


Here's a nifty time-saver tip!  When entering customers and locations into ESC, you can type the Zip Code into the City field and then hit the Tab key on your keyboard.  ESC will automatically fill in the City, State and Zip Code fields for you with the correct information.  This is a valuable trick when you're doing a lot of entries during the day. 

But how does ESC know which zip codes belong to which cities?  While ESC does come with a built in database of Zip Codes and the areas they belong to, our ever growing and changing population means those Zip Codes may not remain accurate.  So we not only provide them for you, but also give you the ability to edit them when necessary.  

Importing New Zip Codes

When you first create your ESC database, ESC will automatically import all Zip Codes for your State.  You can then import additional Zip Codes by going to File → Utilities → Add State Zip Codes.  

Select the State to import from the drop down menu and then click Import.  Repeat as necessary for more states.

Zip Code Maintenance

  1. If you need to edit or add a zip code, you can do so by going to Customer Info → Zip Code Maintenance.
  2. Click Add New to add a new zip code that is not already on the list.  
  3. Enter the Zip Code, City and State.  

    If a single Zip Code represents more than one city, you'll click Add New again to add that City and State to the same code.
  4. Click OK.

To edit an existing City, State or Zip, simply locate that entry in the list and then double-click on it.

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