"An Error Occurred During Update Routine"


When a tech logged into the ESC Web Front Office attempts to complete a dispatch they may receive the following error:

Dispatch Update Failed
There was an error updating dispatches. Error: An error occurred during update routine. Could not find technician XXXXXX on the dispatch being modified.

After clicking OK to the error, the dispatch remains on the Web Front Office dispatch board and any parts assigned to an invoice have been removed.

Cause of Error:

If a server id is tied to more than one database, the association that is required for technicians may be broken in Web Front Office. This occurs when the same ESC license code is assigned to two different databases that may have different sets of technicians, and then is setup to work with the ESC Connection Server for Web Front Office access.


To fix this problem, just go into ESC and click on File | Configure Front Office Application and click OK. This will resend the settings from the current database that Web Front Office uses within five minutes.

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