How To Setup ESC Point of Sale


ESC's Point of Sale system is great for retail or store front sales in which no dispatch would be involved.  In many occasions, you may not even have the customer's information.  

This setup assumes you will be printing receipts and opening a cash drawer for most transactions. To do so you will need a receipt printer and a cash drawer. The following items have been tested by dESCO and should work well in conjunction with ESC.

  • Star Micronics DP8340 FC Receipt Printer – This small friction fed, impact printer uses 4.5” rolls of 2 layer paper to print receipts through the ESC software. It comes in either serial or parallel port models.
  • Star Micronics SP512MU42 Receipt Printer – This is a newer USB impact printer. It uses 3” rolls of 2 layer paper so the receipts are a bit smaller but still print all the same information that the DP8340 does.
  • MS Cash Drawer EP-125K – This cash drawer connects directly into the receipt printer using a RJ-12 connection. Any of the EP-125K models will work including EP-125K2, EP-125KL, EP-125KL2, EP-125K-MEDIA, EP-125KL-MEDIA, etc. This MUST be a 12 volt cash drawer.

Other receipt printers may work with the ESC software. Although we only recommend the equipment listed above, other printers with the following capabilities could work with our software.

40 characters per line
Star Micronics compatibility (This is necessary to open the cash drawer)

Where Can You Buy This Equipment?
FL: 800-548-8687
CA: 800-544-1749


  1. Attach the receipt printer to your computer and install the driver normally.
  2. In ESC, click File → Print Options.
  3. Select the receipt printer from the Ticket Printer drop-down menu and click Save.
  4. Now head to Sales → Setup Point of Sale.
  5. Enter a Register ID, using alpha characters (such as AA), and an Invoice Counter. This will separate POS invoices from field or shop invoices. Click Save.

How It Works

When printing to the receipt printer ESC finds the port the printer is attached to by looking at the Windows printer driver. After that, ESC ignores the driver and writes directly out to the receipt printer. Most receipt printers print a maximum of 40 characters per line. As a result of this some items on our receipts may be truncated to allow them to fit in the space provided.

When printing a receipt, ESC also sends a Bell command to the receipt printer. This is a trigger for the printer to open the cash drawer. So every time a receipt prints, the cash drawer opens.


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