ESC Mobile Laptop: Creating Invoices


Whether you'll be billing the customer from the field or from the office, it's important for your technicians to keep up with the parts and services provided to your customer.  This ensures proper cost tracking and profits.

A technician can add to the customer's invoice as they go by tapping the Invoice button on the left side of the screen.  An invoice number will be automatically assigned and will be displayed for you at the top.  

To add items to your invoice, you may click the Add button to search for the items or the Scan Parts button to scan items onto the invoice by their barcode (barcode scanner required). If you choose to scan items, simply click the Complete button when you're done.  

If you click the Add button instead, you'll be presented with a search field in which you can search for items by their part number, description, categories or various other criteria. 

Click on an item in the list to open that item on the screen.  From this screen, you can alter the Description to include more information about the work being performed, adjust the Price and Quantity of the item and determine if the item will be Taxable.  

To add the item to the invoice and be brought back to the Search screen, click the Save + Add button.  To add the item to the invoice and be brought to the invoice itself, click the Save button.  Click Cancel to exit this screen and abort the process of adding an item.  Click the Delete button if you opened this item from the invoice and wish to remove it from the invoice.

The Invoice screen itself will list out all items that have been added to it, along with their individual prices, the total Tax being charged and the Total of the invoice.  The Labor Hours listed below the Total of the invoice will show the total of time worked on this dispatch once the dispatch is marked Complete.  

You'll also have the option to choose which Invoice Form will be used to print this invoice once it is finished and ready to be provided to the customer.  More invoice forms can be added into ESC and will be brought over to ESC Mobile Laptop when the device is provisioned.  You'll select your form by clicking the drop-down menu at the top of the Invoice screen.

Once all is said and done, you may wish to present your completed invoice to the customer in order to collect a signature.  ESC Mobile allows for two separate signatures to be collected: Authorization signature and Acceptance signature.  

The Authorization signature can be captured right from the Invoice screen and stands for an agreement between yourself and your customer as to what work will be performed.  To collect an Authorization signature, click the Authorize button on top of the Invoice screen.  An overview of the invoice will be displayed, along with your Authorization Contract text (which can be edited by going to Company → System Setup → Mobile in ESC).  Any item the customer does not agree with can be deselected by clicking the check mark to the left of the item.  If the customer is satisfied, click the Sign button.  The signature itself can be captured using the touchpad built into your laptop or an attached signature pad.

The Acceptance signature can be captured from the Summary screen once the visit has come to an end.  An Acceptance signature indicates that the work has been completed and the customer agrees to pay for your service.  Unlike the Authorization signature screen, the customer will not have the option to deselect items on the invoice.  The Acceptance screen will also have its own Contract text displayed for the customer (which can be edited by going to Company → System Setup → Mobile in ESC).

Now the only thing left to do is provide a copy of the invoice to your customer.  This can be done by printing the invoice from the Summary screen or by emailing it.  Printing the invoice will, of course, require the use of a mobile printer.  

Clicking the Finish button will finalize the dispatch and send the information back to the office, where the invoice can be imported using the Import from Mobile screen in the Invoice List.

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