How can I see more or less Dispatches on ESC Mobile?

Before we begin
  • ESC Mobile provides technicians the ability to view and manage their Dispatches
  • ESC Mobile will always show the oldest Open Dispatch first
  • You can increase or decrease the total number of Dispatches your technicians see on ESC Mobile
  • The number of Dispatches a technician can see is determined by the ESC Connections Server
  • The ESC Connections Server is on one of your computers, typically the server or main computer

1. In the lower-right corner of your desktop, to the left of the date and time, look for and right-click on the ESC Connections Server button.

2. Click Setup from the menu.

3. Expand Settings and click on ESC Mobile.

4. Here you'll adjust the following to increase or decrease the total number of Dispatches on ESC Mobile

  • Adjust Maximum number of calls sent to increase or decrease the total number of Dispatches to see on ESC Mobile
  • Adjust Days in advance to send dispatch to allow determine how far out a Dispatch could show up on ESC Mobile. (Example: setting this to 0 means ESC Mobile will only push Dispatches with a Promised date of the current day or previous dates. Increasing to 1 will allow for tomorrows Dispatches to show up, 4 would allow for up to four days beyond the current date, and so on)

5. When finished, click Apply and then click Close. The next time your ESC Mobile's are refreshed they will inherit these changes

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