The log file for database is full.


Description of Error:

The following error occurs when trying to save any information in the database:

The log file for database is full. Backup the transaction log of the database to free up space.

Cause of Error:

There are a few possible causes for this error, but the most likely cause is either the server hard drive is out space, or the log.ldf file is too large. A databases .ldf log file can grow unrestricted if it is configured to do so within a full version of SQL (this will not happen on scaled down versions of SQL Express).


  1. Clear space on the server hard drive if it is running low on available space.
  2. In a full version of SQL, within SQL Server Management Studio:
    1. Perform a backup of the ESC database and secure it.
    2. Next, detach the ESC database. This can be done within SQL Management Studio itself.
    3. Once the database is detached from SQL, locate the .ldf file within the computer and rename it to something like test_log.ldfOLD and save the change.
    4. Reattach the remaining .mdf file in full version SQL and it should allow you to choose to recreate a new .ldf log file automatically. After the restore the database will be full accessible in ESC again.
    5. Lastly, within full SQL, go to the properties of the database and modify the setting for the transaction log to be changed from "unrestricted growth" to a limited size such as a few megabytes. This will prevent the log file from ever growing so large as to cause the error again.
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