Why does the amount of my invoice decrease each time I view it?


Invoices and Purchase Orders in ESC begin decreasing by just pennies after an invoice is saved and/or printed. You may also see the Price fields on an inventory item begin to decrease after an item is saved in the Inventory Entry screen. This may happen to just one workstation or several and rebooting the computer will only temporarily correct the issue.

Cause of Issue:

These calculation issues are being caused by having a Hewlett-Packard printer driver installed and set as your default printer. This issue most commonly occurs with the HP OfficeJet 8500, 8600 and 6500, but has also been known to happen to a variety of the HP printers that use similar drivers. The printer driver has what is known as a “memory leak”.

A “memory leak” occurs when a program uses your computer’s memory to perform a particular function, but rather than releasing that memory when its task is complete, it will continue to accumulate. This affects all programs in different ways – you may notice slowness, random error messages and (as in ESC’s case) calculation issues.


We recommend reinstalling the Hewlett Packard printer driver that you are using on your machine. If a newer version of that driver is available, install the latest version.

If this does not resolve the issue, please contact HP Support at 1-888-977-2992 for assistance.

If you are not familiar with locating and installing printer drivers, please refer to your local IT professional for further assistance.

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