ESC Mobile Tech: Working with Dispatches


The most important information a technician needs during the day is their marching orders: the dispatch.  The techs need to know where they are going, who they are meeting, what equipment they are looking for and what work they will be performing.  All of which is contained in a dispatch.

When setting up the ESC Connections Server for ESC Mobile, you'll be asked to set the Maximum number of calls sent.  This number will determine how many dispatches a technician can see at a time on their mobile device.  When signing into a mobile device, the first thing a technician will see is a list of their available dispatches. 

Each dispatch will be displayed with its Priority showing to the left and the Promise Date and Time listed right below the Location.  If the information for this dispatch has not yet been downloaded (claimed) by this device, you'll see a 'download' icon to the far right - which will look like either an arrow (Android) or a cloud (iOS).  

To open a dispatch, simply tap on it from the list.  If this is the first time you are opening a dispatch, it will download the related information to the device.  The device now 'owns' that dispatch and it should not be edited in the office until it is Completed from the device.  If the dispatch needs to be reassigned to another device or technician after being downloaded, you will need to remove the dispatch from the device

When the dispatch opens, you'll see a full summary of the dispatch on the screen, including the current Status, Address and Contact information, Notes and other vital information.  You'll also have a toolbar with options for Invoicing, Quotes, Equipment, Agreement, Documents and History.  

The progress of the dispatch itself is tracked by the Status, which can be found at the top of the summary screen.  Changing the status of the dispatch from Traveling to Working to Complete (or any combination in between).  

If you need directions or a map to the customer's location, you can access this using the Address panel in the summary screen.  iOS users can just tap on the address itself to see a map and be given the option to 'Start' the navigation feature.  Android users can tap on the Directions button to view a map with the address marked on it.  There is also a navigation option available for Google Maps that can help you get there.

Information that is being updated for the current dispatch will remain on the device until the dispatch is marked Complete or transferred to another technician or column using a Status Code.  Certain information will be pushed immediately back to the database, such as Status updates and notes.

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