Why aren't dispatches appearing in the Import from Mobile screen?


Items are added to an invoice from a mobile device and the dispatch is then marked Complete; but the invoice never appears in the Import from Mobile screen under Sales Invoicing to be imported into ESC.

Cause of Issue:

There could be several reasons for this the invoice to be lost:

  • The dispatch may not be fully completed. There may be other technicians added to that dispatch, or the same technician may be added to the dispatch for future dates. All items added to the invoice by mobile devices will appear to be imported when all technicians and dates are completed.
  • A user in the office may have made changes to the dispatch during or after it was synchronized to a technician's mobile device. While a dispatch is downloaded to a mobile device, changes made in the office could cause changes and information added on the device to be lost. It is highly recommended that any necessary changes to a dispatch be made after the invoice is imported and all mobile devices have Completed the dispatch.
  • A user in the office changed the status of the dispatch. If, for any reason, a user in the office marks the dispatch Complete instead of allowing the mobile device to do so, this will override any information added or changed on the mobile device and any information added to that dispatch will be lost, including the invoice.


Once information entered on a mobile device is lost, it cannot be retrieved. Be sure to avoid making changes to any dispatch that has been downloaded to or is in use on a mobile device.

If a dispatch needs to be rescheduled and the technician has not done any work on that dispatch yet, it can be released from the device. To do so, tap on the "Edit" option on the Dispatches screen of the device. Then tap the minus sign that appears next to the dispatch that needs to be released. To confirm that you want to remove this dispatch and its information from the device, tap "Remove". This may not remove the dispatch from the technician's list of dispatches, but the information will no longer be downloaded to their device and can be modified in the office.

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