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Electronic Service Control Version 15 has a new user interface! You'll notice that there are different options on your icon bar now. Rather than opening up to empty screens and then having to go look for the transaction or customer you want to work with, you'll be opening up a new set of List Views. These Lists will make finding the customer or transaction you're looking for fast and easy.

Each new list comes equipped with new features to help you find and work with your customers and transactions.

Take a look at the links below for more detailed outlines:

Want to make these list views faster and more personal?

Learn how to create Custom List Views

Welcome to the Customer Center!

The all new Customer Center allows you to easily search for any customer in your database. When selected, the Detail Panel on the right side of your screen will automatically display the customer's profile. From the Detail Panel, you'll have the ability to drill into the customer's prior dispatches, invoices and other transactions; as well as create new transactions. You can also view detailed information for that customer's Equipment records and even compose and email directly to that customer!

Find What You're Looking For!

The Customer Center is not the only new information hub added to ESC. The List Views for every module have undergone a complete overhaul. Much like the brand new Customer Center, the central hub for every module will be in the form of a List View. These Lists will each contain a Detail Panel for instant information on selected records, multiple default views for fast and easy access to the information you need, and the ability to create custom views to suit all of your needs. You can also print the shown list of records, email all customers in the list or export these lists to Excel.

Don't like the default View? You can change that now too! Set your own customized views to show as the default for any List.

Learn how to create Custom List Views

The All New Electronic Dispatch Board!

You didn't think we'd leave out our beloved Electronic Dispatch Board, did you? The All New Electronic Dispatch Board features a Details panel on the right side of the screen that allows the user to quickly view the specifics of any dispatch on the board, update the information on the dispatch and even invoice the dispatch right from there.

Google Maps Integration!

Some things just aren't made to last - like Microsoft MapPoint, for example. Microsoft discontinued MapPoint in December 2014 and it was up to us to not only find an alternative, but to find something bigger and better than we had before. Enter Google Maps! It's everything you love about Google Maps built right into your Electronic Dispatch Board! See where your technicians are or should be, assign dispatches to technicians based on distance and availability, and plan out the days for your technicians efficiently!

Pssssst! Are you using ESC Mobile? Look for our new Google Maps integration in the ESC Mobile Manager app for iOS and Android devices!

Search for any transaction in one place!

Looking for a specific Dispatch? Need to receive that Purchase Order that just came in? Did you just receive a check from a customer with an Invoice number on it? Sure, you could head for the Customer Center and dig up the customer. But wouldn't it be faster if you just jump straight to that particular transaction? With ESC's new Search feature, you can! Click on the Search button on ESC's icon toolbar to open the Search box. As you begin typing, ESC will provide a list of all transactions that match the provided number. The more you type, the more narrow the results will become. Simply click on the transaction you wish to view and it will be displayed on the screen.

Easy Email Setup!

One of ESC's greatest assets is the ability to send email. Whether your emailing a Purchase Order to a vendor or sending out 500 copies of your company newsletter, email is the way to go. Now, we've made it even easier than ever to get started with - or make changes to - your email configurations. We took the top public providers and pre-filled their settings for you. Now all you have to do is fill in your email address and password and away we go!

Note: Before some of these features will work permissions must be given to users. See Enabling the New Features in Version 15 for more details on how to do this.

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