How Do I Create Custom Fields for Customers?


No two businesses are exactly alike.  Even if you work in the same industry, your approaches to service, management, communications and/or marketing may be entirely different than the nearest competitor.  That's why ESC gives you the ability to create your own fields in the Customer screen.  

In the Additional Info tab of the Customer screen, you'll be able to add up to 16 custom fields to fit your needs.  Each field can be a free-form field that handles a wide array of information, or may contain a drop-down menu with up to 20 items to choose from.  

Did you know you could create custom fields for Equipment, too?

Setup Custom Fields

  1. To create or edit custom fields for the Customer screen, head to File → Setup Custom Fields → Customers.  

  2. Fill in the Field Label for each new field; this will show to the left of each field in the Customer screen.
  3. If you want this field to display menu items, fill in each List Item field to the right of the Field Label.  

  4. Click Save.

Note: You may return to this screen at any time to edit the labels and list items.  However, making these changes will affect every customer's profile.  

You can also access the Define Custom Fields box from the Customer screen by clicking the Define Custom Fields button at the bottom of the Additional Info tab.

Using Custom Fields

Customer Center:  You can search for a customer by the information in their custom fields using the Search bar in the Customer Center.  

Customer Reports: If you choose to run a report for certain customers - such as the Customer List or Customer Data Sheets - you will have the option to add your custom fields as Filters in the report's Filter screen.  Simply click the Add Filter button in the Filter screen and then search for your custom field in the Location table.

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