Why are dispatches disappearing from the ESC Mobile Laptop Client?


It is noticed that a dispatch that has been uploaded to the ESC Mobile Client for Windows will seem to just disappear when the tech next synchronizes even though the technician did not do anything to the record.

Cause of Issue:

The ESC Mobile Client for Windows is designed so that once a tech has synched their mobile client with the ESC home database, any dispatches on their column within the Electronic Dispatch Board will be transmitted to them in the field. If someone in the office moves a mobile assigned dispatch from the original techs column to another column or deletes that dispatch after it has been sent to the mobile client, the dispatch will simply clear off of the mobile client the next time the client is able to synchronize. This functionality is by design to avoid leaving a dispatch on the mobile device if the tech is no longer assigned to that job.


If the dispatch has been moved over to another techs column, all that will need to be done is to move the dispatch back to the original techs column and the next time the client synchronizes, the dispatch will again be sent to the mobile client. If the dispatch has been deleted, recreate and reassign as necessary. Mobile dispatches should be considered as "controlled" by the mobile tech until they synchronize it back to the office as a completed dispatch.

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