How Do I Restock My Inventory? The Reorder Parts Screen!


When creating inventory items you can set the minimum and maximum quantities for each item in any warehouse. When items fall below the minimum level, ESC can help you reorder enough parts to bring you back up to the maximum level again.


Setting Minimum / Maximum Quantities

In order for an item to appear in the Reorder Parts screen to be reordered, it must have Minimum and Maximum Quantities entered in the Quantity/Location tab of the Inventory Entry screen.

  1. Click on the Item List button on the icon bar.

  2. If you need to create a new item, click on the Add button on the toolbar and select Inventory Item.  Otherwise, use the search fields on the toolbar to locate the item that needs to be edited and then double-click on it in the list.

  3. In the Inventory Entry screen, click on the Quan/Loc tab.
  4. Select a Warehouse you want to keep quantities of this item in.  
  5. If an Aisle and Bin number can be entered to help locate that item, enter those here.
  6. In the Minimum Quantity field, enter the minimum quantity you want in this warehouse at all times.  Once the quantity of this item drops below the minimum, it will appear in the Reorder Parts screen to be restocked.
  7. In the Maximum Quantity field, enter the maximum quantity you want kept in this warehouse.  When the quantity of this item drops below the minimum, it will appear in the Reorder Parts screen with the quantity that needs to be ordered to get your stock back up to the Maximum Quantity.
  8. Repeat Steps 4-7 for every warehouse that needs to keep this item in stock.
  9. If there is a vendor that you prefer to order this item from, head to the Vendors tab and set them as the Preferred Vendor so that they will appear on the Reorder Parts (and the Order Parts) screen.  This helps to streamline the ordering process.
  10. Click Save on the Inventory Entry screen.


Reordering Parts

Once your setup is complete you can create purchase orders at any time for all parts that fall below their minimum quantities. The resulting window shows the parts that need to be ordered.

Each Part and its Description will be listed in alpha-numerical order.  The Warehouse it needs to be replenished in will be shown just to the right of that.  You will also have the option to edit the Quantity to be ordered and the Vendor it will be ordered from.

  1. Go to the Vendors menu and select Reorder Parts.
  2. Remove the check mark to the left of any item you do not wish to order at this time.
  3. Review the WH Qty, Total Qty and Quantity fields.  The WH Qty field will show how many are currently in that warehouse.  The Total Qty field will show how many of the item you have in all warehouses.  This means you can decide if parts should be ordered or simply transferred in from another warehouse.  The Quantity field will show how many are going to be ordered if placed on a purchase order.  This field can be edited if you want to specify a different amount to order.  This amount also takes into account all open purchase orders on which this very item has not yet been received, so you don't accidentally over-order.
  4. If any item has an empty Vendor field, enter the Vendor you wish to order that item from.  If you wish to see the items purchase history, you can click on the Browse button next to the Vendor field.  You also have the option to change the Preferred Vendor that appeared for any item to a different vendor.
  5. Next, click into the PO field and then click on the drop-down arrow that appears.  Select the Add New option or any PO number that appears here.  The PO field allows you to add the item to an open purchase order for the same vendor if one exists or create a new purchase order if one does not. This field must be filled out for every checked item before continuing.
  6. Once you have made your selections and are satisfied, you can either create individual purchase orders for all vendors at once by clicking on Create All on the toolbar; or you can click on the Create and Edit button, which will allow you to select a vendor for the first purchase order.  The Purchase Order screen will open up for you so that you can make any necessary changes or additions.  To generate additional purchase orders for restocking your items, you'll need to return to the Reorder Parts screen for each individual vendor.



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