How to Enter Technicians into ESC


Despite the name of the screen, all employees can be entered into ESC through the Enter Technicians screen; also known as the Enter Employees screen.  Employees entered into ESC can be added to Dispatches as Technicians, be used as a Salesperson on a customer record, agreement or quote or could even be used as a Clerk on a Point of Sale invoice.

  1. To create a new employee in ESC, go to Dispatch → Enter Technicians.
  2. Click Add New.
  3. Enter the Last Name, First Name, Middle initial (optional) and a Dispatch Name for this employee.  

At this time you can click Save to create this new employee.  No other information is required.  However, we do recommend filling in as much information as possible for your personnel.  Here are a few suggestions for creating a new employee:

Email Address

Enter the email address for this technician here. When you email a dispatch from ESC, rather than ask for an email address, ESC will automatically pull the email address from the technician that is assigned to the dispatch.

Pay Rate

The pay rate should be entered as the number of dollars the technician earns per hour. In order for Labor Cost to be properly displayed on the Sales Invoicing screen and Sales Reports, a pay rate must be entered here.

Overhead Value

An overhead field is provided so that accurate labor costing can be tracked. Overhead is entered as either a fixed dollar amount per hour or a percentage of the technician’s pay rate per hour. These figures are used to calculate the Labor Cost field on the Sales Invoicing screen. The Labor Cost is also printed on Sales Reports.


This section is used to set the technician's normal working hours. This information will then appear as a light green shading covering the times specified when viewing the technician using the week or month views on the Electronic Dispatch Board (EDB). This information is what ESC uses on the Month View of the EDB to set the work meters.

Editing Employees

Changes can be made to any employee record at any time by heading back to Dispatch → Enter Technicians screen.  Then simply double-click on the name of the employee you wish to edit.

Changes made to an employees record will not retroactively affect records that employee was previously linked to.

Warning! Do not change the name of the employee to a completely different employee!  This could skew records previously created for that employee and also cause problems if you are integrated with an accounting system.


Removing Employees

If an employee was created by accident, and has not been used in any transactions in ESC, then they can be deleted.  To do this, head to Dispatch → Enter Technicians.  Highlight the name of the employee that needs to be removed and then click the Delete button on the toolbar.  Once an employee has been deleted from your database, they cannot be retrieved.

If an employee cannot be deleted because they have already been involved in transactions, they can be made inactive.  Making a technician inactive means that they can no longer be used in newer transactions, but their previous records will remain unaffected.  To deactivate an employee, go to Dispatch → Enter Technicians.  Double-click on the employee that you wish to deactivate and then remove the check mark from the Active box next to their Dispatch Name; click OK.

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