Unknown Error Type: Unable to connect to server.


Description of Error:

When attempting to synchronize the ESC Mobile Laptop Client to connect to your company database you get the following message:

Unknown Error Type: Unable to connect to server. Please confirm that this device has internet connectivity and that the ESC Connections Server is running correctly.

Cause of Error:

This error could be caused by any of the following reasons:

  1. The wrong server ID is entered in the Settings screen.
  2. If the database your trying to connect to does not have an assigned product key code that came with the purchase of the software. This often happens when trying to connect to a test database that does not have product key that has been issued by dESCO.
  3. If ESC Connections Server is not running.
  4. Either the server computer or the laptop does not have internet access.


Resolutions are listed according to the above causes respectively:

  1. In the Settings screen of the ESC Mobile Laptop Client, change the Server ID to the ID given by your ESC Connections Server in the Connection Details section. If you are still not sure if this is your correct server ID, contact dESCO for the correct ID.
  2. In your database, enter the most recent License Key provided to you by dESCO. This would have most likely been received by email.
  3. Start the ESC Connections Server and if already running, choose to restart it.
  4. Ensure that both the server computer and the laptop are connected to the internet.
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