How Can I Write a Manual Paycheck?


You can create a manual paycheck by going to Employees → Write Manual Paycheck.

The Write Manual Check screen allows you to create a check for an employee that falls outside of the normal payroll check. You can use this screen for creating a commission check, spiff check, or bonus check, etc. This screen looks and works much the same way as the Process Payroll screen with one major difference; Direct Deposit will not work with a manual paycheck. If you want the money direct deposited you must go through the Process Payroll screen.

Choose the employee and enter the correct information. The Weeks paid field is used for the Unemployment reports, so if you are doing a payroll, the appropriate number of weeks should be entered.

Any or all of the Additions/Deductions can be deleted by highlighting the description and pressing the Delete key. The taxes can be edited by clicking Edit Tax, but it should be the last thing you edit.  If you press Edit Tax again to toggle the function off, taxes will be re-calculated and revert to the original amount.

The suggested steps are to work your way down the page and when everything is correct, press Edit Tax. After the taxes have been edited, press Save or Save and New. When the screen clears press the Edit Tax to toggle the function off and proceed with the next employee. If you choose the next employee and can’t choose a wage item, turn off Edit Tax.

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