Why does an old invoice appear when I try to create a new one?


Cause of Issue:

Point of Sale invoice numbers are set by a counter that exists on each computer setup for POS transactions. ESC updates this counter when the program is closed through normal means. If ESC is closed unexpectedly, however, this counter may not be updated and will remain at the value it started at when ESC was first opened. This can occur if the computer is shut off or rebooted, ESC is terminated through the task manager, power failure, etc.


To fix this issue, reset the Point of Sale invoice counter to an untaken number on the affected computer. This can be accomplished by completing the following steps.

  1. Run the Cash Drawer Reconciliation Report to determine the last saved invoice. To do this, click Sales → Reports → Cash Drawer Reconciliation. Set the Entry Date fields to be the last day a POS invoice was successfully saved. Set the Register ID to the cash drawer this computer accesses. Preview the report and note the number of the last invoice in the report. Exit the report when done.
  2. Go to Sales → Setup Point of Sale. Change the Invoice Counter to the number that immediately follows the last invoice number that showed on the report and click Save.
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