How Do I Return Items to a Vendor?


An important feature in inventory tracking is the ability to return items to a supplier and have your quantities automatically reduced.  This can be achieved by creating a Vendor Credit and then a Return Receipt.  A Vendor Credit will show what parts are to be returned and their prices and is then used to initiate a refund from the vendor.  A Return Receipt can then be generated from the Vendor Credit to tell ESC that the part has been returned and is no longer an asset to the company.

Create a Vendor Credit

  1. Click on the PO List button on the icon bar.

  2. Select Add → Vendor Credit.
  3. The Enter Vendor Credit screen will look very similar to the Purchase Order screen.  You'll select your Vendor and their shipping Location and fill out the other fields at the top portion of the screen.

  4. In the body, enter the items you'll be returning.  The Price field will automatically be populated with the Last Purchase Price of the item.  
  5. Enter the vendor's RMA number in the Memo/RMA field at the bottom of the screen.  

Much like the Purchase Order screen, you'll have the ability to scan the items onto the Credit by clicking the Barcodes button on the toolbar.  You'll also be able to print or email the Vendor Credit to your supplier.  Clicking the Save and Bill button on the toolbar will create a negative transaction in your accounting system that can then be reconciled with the original vendor bill.

You may click the Save button when you are finished with the credit to save it for later editing, or the Save/Enter Return Receipt to immediately remove the item from your inventory.

The Return Receipt

The Enter Return Receipt screen will look very similar to the Receive Items screen, except it will decrease your inventory quantities instead of increasing them.  The Vendor that will be receiving the item will appear at the top, as well as the Date Returned, Returned By and Terms fields.  

The items and quantities being returned will appear in the body of the Enter Return Receipt screen.  Be sure that the Unit Cost and Warehouse are accurate before clicking the Save button.  

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