ESC Mobile Laptop: Viewing Customer History


One benefit to having electronic access to your customer's records in the field is being able to see what happened before you got there.  Whether you're reviewing the notes from the last technician to visit the site or looking up the last paid invoice, ESC Mobile Laptop has it all covered.

The History button on the left side of the Dispatch screen will provide you with a full set of records for the location the dispatch was created for.  This includes prior completed dispatches, invoices, quotes, credit memos and notes entered with History Codes.  You can pick and choose what the technicians can and cannot see by adjusting their user permissions in ESC's Company → Setup Users screen.

For the technician, the records their permissions will permit them to view will be listed in the History screen in ESC Mobile Laptop.  They only need to click on a record to view its information and then the back arrow to return to the list.  

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