How to take a payment in the office with Clearent Payments


When Clearent Payments is enabled, users can capture payments manually or automatically. The following guide will detail the credit card method of accepting payments in ESC.

Take a Credit Card Payment in the Office

While in ESC, recall an Invoice with a due balance. This can be done through the Qualify Screen, Customer Center, or Sales Invoice List.

1. From the Invoice screen, click the Tender button.


2. In the Tender window, click into the Payment Method drop-down box and choose one of your Credit Card methods of pay.


3. With a method of pay selected, verify the Amount Received is correct and click Save and Charge.


4. Upon selecting Save and Charge, you will be redirected to enter information related to the Credit Card.


  • Note: If using AVS, you will also need to provide Billing Address information.

5. Once the Credit Card information has been provided, click the Pay Now button.


This concludes how to take a payment in the office with Clearent Payments.

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