Why are aging balances different in Sage 50 than in ESC?


When looking at receivables aging for a customer in Sage 50, the balances are correct but the aging is different from what is shown in ESC.

Cause of Issue:

This issue may be caused by any of the following reasons:

  • The aging in Sage 50 is setup by Invoice Date rather than Due Date. Since this cannot be changed in ESC, it must be changed in Sage 50.
  • The Aged Receivables report in Sage 50 may be set to look at a date other than today.


To resolve this error, try the following:

  1. Log in to Sage 50 as an Admin user.
  2. Go to Maintain → Default Information → Customers.
  3. Click on the Account Aging tab.
  4. Verify Age Invoice By is set to Due Date. Change it to this setting if it is not.
  5. Run the Aged Receivable Report in Sage 50.
  6. Click the Options button on the preview and change the Date to Today.
  7. Using the ESC Qualification screen, recall several customers that appear on the report. Verify the aging is now correct.
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