Why don't any emails from ESC Mobile reach the recipient?


When a technician attempts to email an invoice from ESC Mobile, the invoice appears to send, but is never received by the customer or office.

Cause of Issue:

When a technician in the field enters the customers email information to send an invoice or quote, the information is transferred back to the ESC Connections Server and then sent out to the recipient from that machine. If the ESC database is missing email settings, the ESC Connections Server may not be able to send the email.


To make sure that emails can be sent properly, you’ll need to ensure that all email settings have been filled in correctly in ESC:

  1. Log into ESC on any machine.
  2. Open the Company menu.
  3. Select System Setup.
  4. Click on the Email tab – be sure that all information for your Outgoing mail server is entered.
  5. Click on the Addresses sub-tab – fill in all fields in this tab with a display name and reply address.
  6. Click OK.
  7. Open the ESC Connections Server (double-click the small blue icon in your System Tray, next to the time clock).
  8. Open the Settings section.
  9. Click Apply – the Connections Server will take a moment to refresh.
  10. When the Connections Server restarts, click Close.
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