ESC Mobile Manager: Create a New Dispatch


One of the major benefits of the ESC Mobile Manager is the ability to create and schedule dispatches from anywhere.  If you need to create a new dispatch for a customer, you'll start by tapping on the Dispatches button at the top of the screen and selecting Customers.

Now, you should see the Customer Search.  Here, you may search for a customer by their name, address or phone number.  When the customer you are searching for appears, tap on their name to see their profile.  If the customer does not appear, you can add them by tapping on the Add a New Customer button.

In the Customer panel, you'll see a Dispatch button, tap it to start a new dispatch for this customer.

In the Create Dispatch screen, you can select which technician you want to assign the dispatch to, the time you want the dispatch scheduled for and add any other details to the dispatch that the technician may need to know.  When you're finished, click the Create Dispatch button.

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