How to Setup Credit Ratings


Credit Ratings are a great way to flag customers in your database that either have a good reputation with your business or have not paid timely for services rendered.  You may create as many credit ratings as necessary for tracking your customers. Each Credit Rating created in the system can be assigned a color. This color will appear on the Customer and Dispatch screens.

You may also wish to prevent a user from being able to create dispatches for a particular customer with whom you do not wish to do business. The Credit Rating feature in the Customers screen allows you to accomplish all of this.

How do I setup a new Credit Rating?

  1. Start by going to Customer Info → Enter Credit Ratings.

  2. In the Credit Ratings screen, click Add New.
  3. Give your new rating a Name.
  4. Select a Color to represent this rating. (Green is too mainstream, go Chartreuse!)
  5. Would you like this rating to prevent dispatches from being created for this customer?  If so, select the Restrict Entering Dispatches option.
  6. Click OK and then close the Credit Ratings screen.

Assigning Credit Ratings

A Credit Rating can be assigned to a customer in the Customers screen (General Tab) when adding or editing a customer's profile, or in the Collection Manager screen.

How does a Credit Rating prevent a dispatch from being created?

Since a Credit Rating may have a color assigned to it, this colored block with show on the Dispatch screen in hope of attracting the user's attention.

If the user attempts to Save a dispatch for that customer, they will receive a message letting them know that the Credit Rating is restricting this ability.


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