ESC Mobile Tech: How Do I Edit Contact Information?


Each location in ESC may contain up to six contacts.  Each contact may contain a name, phone number and email address.  This not only makes it easy to reach out to customers from ESC, but also directly from ESC Mobile.  

When a dispatch is opened in ESC Mobile, the contact information will be displayed under the Location address.  To the right of each contact will be several icons that may be used for calling, emailing or texting that person.  

You may also edit the contact information for the customer/location at any time by tapping on the Edit button.  

Tap on the field you want to edit to open the Customer Contact screen.  Make your changes here and then tap the Save button.

If you don't see the Edit button, your user is not permitted to edit contact information. To provide a user with permission to edit contact information in ESC Mobile, head to Company → Setup Users.  Double-click on a user's name to edit that user.  When you see their name and password, click Next to enter the Security Options screen.  Under the Mobile Permissions heading, place a check next to Allow user to edit contacts.  Then click Finish.

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