Understanding the Job Sales Report


A Job Sales Report, found in Sales → Reports → Job Sales Report, will display a variety of data for any Job that has been assigned to Quotes and/or Sales Invoices.  To tie a Quote to a Job, the Job field within the Quote screen must be filled in with the Job Name/Number.  To tie Invoices to a Job, the Job field on the Sales Invoicing screen must be filled in with the Job Name/Number

Use the Job Sales Report to monitor the billing activity of your jobs. When the report is being previewed on the screen, double-click on the Job to display the job in Setup Jobs screen. Double-click on the Invoice or Quote number to be taken to that transaction. The report shown below is the detailed report, but a summary view of the report is also available.

  • Job: the job name as defined in the Customer Info → Setup Jobs screen.
  • Customer: the customer for whom this job has been created in the Setup Jobs screen.
  • Contract Amount: the total of the Quote that was initially entered for this job, excluding tax.
  • Invoiced to Date: the total amount of all invoices that have been created, excluding tax.
  • % Invoiced: the ratio of Invoiced to Date and Contract Amount as a percentage.
  • Estimated Cost: the total of Material Cost, Labor Cost, and Other Cost on the Quote that was created for this job.
  • Cost to Date: the total of the Material Costs, Labor Costs, and Other Costs that have been applied to the job thus far.
  • Completed Cost %: the ratio of the Cost to Date and Estimated Cost as a percentage.
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