Error Emailing Invoices. Invoice Not Emailed. Dispatch is not Complete.


When attempting to email an invoice to a customer after completing the associated dispatch on the iPhone, Android or the Windows 7\8 device, the following error appears.

Error emailing invoice 0000020301 for dispatch 55932 to Error:Invoice 0000020301 not emailed. Dispatch 55932 is not complete.

This error shows even after you have completed the call.

Cause of Issue:

There could be a few possible causes for this issue:

  1. The dispatch is assigned to several techs and at least one of the other techs is not in a complete status. This would be considered a multi-tech dispatch.
  2. The complete status has been modified to leave dispatches on board. This will alter the Complete status to be like the Off Job status and the dispatch will be considered open and not complete.
  3. The call is assigned to the same tech for two or more days and those future dates are not Complete yet. This would be considered a multi-day dispatch.


To be able to email out an invoice from the mobile apps, a dispatch must be completed for all techs on all days on that dispatch.

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