ESC Mobile Manager: Creating New Customers


ESC Mobile Manager allows a field manager to view various parts of a customer's profile and even create new customers from where ever they may be in the field.  To add a new customer, tap on the Dispatches heading at the top of the screen and then select the Customers option.  

The first thing you see is the Customer Search.  There will be an Add button in the top-right corner (on iOS devices) or on the bottom (Android devices) of the screen.  

Tapping the Add button will bring you to the Create Customer screen, where you'll fill in as much of the customer's information as possible.  When you're done, tap the Create Customer button.  

You will now see the customer's profile open on the screen.  You may now tap the Dispatch button to create a dispatch for this customer, or simply tap the X at the top of their profile to exit this screen and return to the Customer Search.

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