Could not connect to database. Cannot generate SSPI context


Description of Error:

This error occurs when attempting to logon to a company in ESC:

Could not connect to database. Cannot generate SSPI context

Cause of Error:

This issue is caused by problems with Windows authentication.


Log into your ESC database using SQL Authentication, rather than Windows Authentication.
1.Open ESC.
2.Click Cancel when the login box appears.
3.Go to File → Open a Company.
4.Click the drop-down for Server Name and select your ESC server from the list.
5.Leave the Network Library at Winsock TCP/IP.
6.Leave the "Login using Windows Authentication" box unchecked.
7.Fill in your User Name and Password for the ESC database.
8.Click the drop-down for Database Name and select the database you wish to log into.

If the database opens, then there is nothing more you will need to do. The next time you open ESC, the login screen that appears will be for the most recently used settings. Therefore, this should only be a one-time process per workstation. If you receive an error about the 'sa' user, then your installation of SQL Server does not have SQL Authentication enabled.

You can enable SQL Authentication easily by following these steps:
1.Install ESC on the computer that has SQL Server installed on it.
2.Navigate to C:\program files\dESCO\ESC.
3.Locate and run the Switch to multiuser.bat file.

Additional Information:

If ESC has been working fine until this point, you may want to just log off Windows and back on again. It may be that your Windows password has expired. Correcting that could fix this issue.

It is beyond the scope of our Support to troubleshoot Windows Authentication issues. If you do not wish to use SQL Authentication, please enlist the assistance of a certified IT specialist to troubleshoot these issues.

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