How to see differences between Standard and Deluxe editions of ESC


ESC is sold in two different licensing formats; standard and deluxe. The deluxe version allows access to all modules of ESC while the standard version does not include all modules and features.


Here is a break down of what features are not included with the ESC Standard Version:

ESC Features Standard Deluxe
Customer Module Y Y
Job Information N Y
Report Generation N Y
Sort Codes N Y
Dispatch Module Y Y
Email Paging N Y
Service Agreement Module Y Y
Enhanced Tasks N Y
Sales Module Y Y
Point of Sale N Y
Receivables Module Y Y
Collection Manager N Y
Vendor Module Y Y
Purchase Orders N Y
Inventory Module Y Y
Assembly Parts N Y
Flat Rate Pricing N Y
Barcode Capabilities N Y
ASCII Import/Export Utility N Y
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