How Do I Transfer Inventory Directly to a Job?


Tracking the daily costs of a job can be tough if you're not ready to create an invoice.  ESC's Inventory Job Transfer screen allows you to transfer materials - and their values - directly into a Job.  This allows you to view your Job totals without forcing you to create an invoice and add all of the items to the invoice as you go.

The ability to transfer Inventory to a Job is only available if you have some form of accounting system connected with your ESC database (QuickBooks, Sage 50, ESC Accounting).  

  1. Go to Inventory → Inventory Job Transfer.
  2. Select whether you will be transferring items a Job or ...from a Job.
  3. The Cost Account field will automatically be filled in by your default Cost Account, but you may select a different cost account for this transaction.
  4. Enter a Date for this transaction.
  5. In the Item field, enter the part number of the item you wish to transfer into (or out of) the job.  You may also click the drop-down arrow to use the Inventory Search screen.  Once the item has been entered, the Description field will automatically be filled in.
  6. Enter the Quantity to be transferred.
  7. Select the Job by typing in the name, number, or by clicking the drop-down arrow to open the Job Search screen.
  8. Select the Warehouse that these items will be pulled out of (or transferred into).
  9. You may select a Department for this transaction - which is optional.  Selecting a Department would help to classify this transaction in your accounting reports.
  10. If you will be transferring any Serialized items, you will only be able to transfer a Quantity of 1 at a time and will be required to select a Serial number from the Select Serial Number box that appears.  The Serial number will then show at the end of each line item.
  11. Continue adding parts to this screen until everything that has been or will be used (transferred) has been entered.  Then click the Save button.

Scanning Items

Rather than manually typing in each part and its quantity, you can use a barcode scanner to scan items directly into this screen.  This makes the transfer process faster and easier.

In the Inventory Job Transfer screen, go to the Activities menu and select Scan Inventory Items. Scanning an item once places the item on the screen with a quantity of one. Scanning the same item again increases the quantity, but does not add another part to the screen (unless it is a serialized part). Select Close on the Scan Item box when you are done scanning.

Fill in the rest of the fields for each item to be transferred - Job, Warehouse, Department and Serial - and then click the Save button.

Note: Parts used on this screen will not update a customer's equipment or history record. For this reason it is often better to create an invoice to transfer these items to a job (even if it is a no charge invoice).

Warning! Make sure you do not enter the same parts on this screen and on an invoice for the same job. This will cause your job costs to be overstated and your inventory to be reduced.

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