How Do I Write Checks in ESC Accounting?


To enter a check that is not from AP or Payroll go to Banking → Write Checks or Banking → Account Register.

Choose the appropriate account to print the check from and the correct accounting period.

In the upper left corner click New and Check.

Bank Account – This field shows the account the check will be written out of.
Balance – This is the current balance in the selected account
Status – Select if or when you want the check printed. Please note: Although a check will show up in the account register it does nothing financially unless the status is “Mark as already printed” or the check has actually been printed. If the check is in the check queue it is not in the journal.

  • To be printed – The check will go into the check queue to be printed from Banking → Print Checks.
  • Print check now – When you click Save the check will be printed at that time.
  • Mark as already printed – This option allows you to enter a check in the check register and Journal without having to print it first. This is especially useful for online payments, electronic transfers or handwritten checks.

Pay to – If the check is being written to a customer, employee or vendor you can select from the lists and the information will be pre-filled or choose Manual to type the payee manually.

  • Manual – Used when writing a check to someone not set up as a Vendor, Customer or Employee.
  • Customer – Used for Customer refunds.
  • Employee – Checks written directly from banking do not affect W2s or payroll reports.
  • Vendor – Checks written directly from banking are included on the 1099, as well as the Transaction List and Transaction History as long as the Accounts Payable account is not in the Account field of the filter screen.

Number – This is for the check number and is only allowed when “Mark as already printed” is chosen. You will be prompted to enter a check number for the other two options.
Date – Enter the date you want on the check.
Amount – Enter the amount of the check.
Address – This is an optional field and will be auto-filled if any payee option other than Manual is chosen.
Memo – If you want a memo printed on the check enter it here. It will also be carried to the memo field on the check stub.

The following items are for each line item. Each check can be broken down to over 60 line items, designating the amount in that line to a different account, job, job class, cost type or department.

Memo – This will carry down from the memo line in the body of the check and can be changed if desired.
Amount – Enter the amount for this line item.
Job – This field is optional and only used if this line item is part of a Job. Enter the Job here or select from the drop-down list.
Job Class – This field is optional and only used if this line item is part of a Job. Enter the job class here or select from the drop-down list.
Cost Type – This field is optional and only used if this line item is part of a Job. Enter the cost type here or select from the drop-down list.
Department – This field is optional and only used if you want this line item to go to a particular department.
Units – This field is optional and only used if this line item is part of a Job. Enter the number of units here.

Printing Checks

To see unprinted checks or print checks in the queue go to Banking → Print Checks.

Choose the bank account to print the checks from and the checks for that account that were “To be printed” will appear in the list.

Enter your starting check number and select the checks you want printed or use the Select All button at the bottom of the screen. Press Print and the checks will be printed.

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