How to set up AVS for Clearent Payments


The following guide may be used to enable or disable AVS (Address Verification System). When enabling AVS, you must also make sure that ESC has AVS enabled. You can learn more about the ESC side of setup here.

1. First, log into the Clearent Virtual Terminal site:

2. Next, choose the Select Terminal button and pick the Terminal where AVS should be enabled.


3. Then, select your user avatar in the top right and then click the Settings button.


4. From the Settings menu, choose the Address Verification (AVS) tab.


5. Click into the Enable AVS checkbox field. This will enable AVS.

Note: To disable AVS simply uncheck the Enable AVS checkbox field.


Optional: Once Enable AVS has been selected, default options will appear checked in the Allow Approval of Transaction When... section. If you are unsure about these selections, you may reach out to Clearent support for further guidance on which boxes are relevant to you. Clearent Technical Support:855.558.3414.

6. When finished making changes to Address Verification (AVS), choose the Save All button at the bottom of the screen.


This concludes how to configure AVS in Clearent.

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