Just-In-Time debugging window appears when opening ESC


Description of Error:

When loading ESC, a user may get the following error:

"Just-In-Time Debugging"

"Do you want to Debug Using the selected debugger?"

Selecting the NO option will close the debugging screen and ESC will work without any other problems. Selecting the YES option will open the debugging utility but if that is closed, ESC will again work without issue. The issue is noted to occur on some computers but not others.

Cause of Error:

Microsoft's Just-In-Time Debugger is a program that launches Visual Studio automatically after a program crashes. The purpose of the Just-In-Time Debugger is to allow a programmer to debug applications that have been started outside of the Visual Studio programming environment. When ESC initially loads, it uses some components within Internet Explorer which allows the program to transmit updates to the dashboard screen. If there are problems within Internet Explorer, it can cause problems when loading up the ESC application which triggers the debugger to open. This particular issue is not caused by ESC and that is why when Just-In-Time debugger is closed, no further problems are noted in ESC. Additionally, that is why some computers within the same network may have the issue and others do not.


There are many possible causes for the Just-In-Time error but below you will find a list that can potentially help to alleviate this problem within Internet Explorer and Windows itself:

  1. Upgrade Internet Explorer to the latest version.
  2. Apply all Windows Updates.
  3. Reset Internet Explorer settings back to defaults.
  4. Perform a virus/spyware scan with update to date virus detecting software.
  5. Within Windows run the SFC /scannow utility.
  6. It is possible to disable the Just-In-Time Debugger program from Windows. Information on this can be found in the following link. We cannot support this option and we recommend contacting your computer tech if there are questions about it: http://www.ehow.com/how_5585908_remove-just-time-debugger.html
  7. If the problem still occurs, this may indicate a deep problem in Windows and we would recommend contacting a local computer tech for further assistance.
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