How Do I Create and Post Memorized Transactions?


Memorized Transactions can be used for many items that you do on a repetitive basis: journal entries, quotes, sales invoices, and vendor bills.

To set up a memorized transaction, enter the item you want to memorize from the entry screen for that particular item. For example, to memorize a vendor bill for a truck payment go to Vendors → Enter Bills and enter the bill as you normally would, as seen below.  You will be able to edit the bill before posting it each month to make any needed adjustments. When you are finished entering the transaction, press the Memorize button. It is not necessary to save the bill unless you need to post the bill to accounts payable also.

When you press the Memorize button you will get the following screen. Enter a name for the transaction. Active is set by default. If you want the transaction to post automatically when Recurring Transactions are posted, click the Recurring Transaction box. If you want to post the transaction manually, or the item is not used regularly, leave this box empty. 

To recall the memorized transaction go to Company → Memorized Transactions and a list of the memorized transactions will appear. Select the desired transaction and press Create Transaction. Make any necessary changes (amounts, dates, etc.) and press Save.

Recurring Transactions

After a memorized transaction is set up you can make it recur with a wide variety of options. To get started, simply go to Company → Memorized Transactions, click on a transaction and then click Edit. The first thing you must do is place a check in the box that says “Recurring Transaction”. After you do this you will be given options as shown below. The options here are self explanatory so select how often you want the item to occur, when you want it to start and when you want it to stop. After the options are set correctly, click OK.

Posting Transactions

To post the transactions go to Company → Post Recurring Transactions. This will show all transactions that are due to be posted in the next 30 days. You can select all or some of them, deselect all or some of them or edit any of the transactions before posting. Once you’re satisfied with the options you chose you can click Post and the transactions will be posted.

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