How To Enter Bills in ESC Accounting


To enter a vendor bill go to Vendors → Enter Bills.

When the Vendor is selected the current date and the terms auto-populate along with the calculated due date and discount date according to the terms tied to the vendor. Enter the invoice number and Contact (if desired). Check the due date and discount date; if they do not agree with the vendor bill either the invoice date or the terms are not correct.

In the Account field choose the account to be debited (For example, inventory, electricity, etc.). Enter a Description, if desired, and the Amount to be debited to that account. If you want the line item to be departmentalized select a
Department. If you are Job Costing from Accounts Payable you can also assign a Job and a Job Class

After all the line items have been entered, check your total and discount amount and enter a memo, if desired. When everything is correct click Save.

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