How Can I Capture a Signature for Multiple Days?


When working with ESC Mobile, you have the ability to create Quotes and Invoices for your customers right from their front step.  You also have the ability to collect Authorization and Acceptance signatures, to show that the customer has acknowledged the work you plan to do or the work you have already done.  This is great if you are paying a single visit to that customer, but what if the work that needs to be done will take several days?  

While ESC Mobile only allows a single Authorization signature or Acceptance signature per invoice, it is possible to capture multiple signatures for multiple days.  Here's how you can do that.

  1. In ESC Mobile, you'll tap the Invoice icon.  
  2. Now you have two signature options - Authorization and Acceptance.  Since this is for work that was done already, you'll collect an Acceptance signature from the customer.  
  3. When you 'Accept' the signature, you'll be brought back to the Acceptance screen which will show the verbiage for that signature and an outline of the invoice, plus an image of the signature captured.  
  4. Use your device to take a screen shot of this screen.  For iPhone and iPad users, this means holding down the Home button while you click the Power button.  Android devices tend to vary, but most allow a screen shot to be captured by clicking the Volume Down button and the Power button at the same time.  The screen will "click" to let you know the screen shot was captured.
  5. While still in ESC Mobile, tap the Back button until you're back in the Dispatch summary screen.  
  6. Now tap the Documents button.  
  7. Select to attach an existing image.
  8. Choose the screen shot you just captured of the customers signature.
  9. You may wish to name the image "Day 1" or something similar so it is easily identified, then click the Upload button.
  10. When you return for your next visit, you'll clear the original signature, capture a new one and then repeat the process of attaching a screen shot.  


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