How to print address labels for multiple customers


This article will show you how to print address labels for a range of customers in ESC. These can be useful for sending out Christmas cards, renewal notices, etc.


  1. Go to the Customer List view under the Customer Info menu.
  2. The Customer List view will open the a list of all Active customers first. To narrow down this list of customers, use the Filters section on the bottom half of the screen. 
  3. Once you have the list of customers you want to print labels for, head to the Activities menu and select either Print/Email All Selected Customer Locations or Print/Email All Selected Customer Billing Addresses.
    Note: If you select Print/Email All Selected Customer Billing Addresses only one label will be printed for the main billing address, regardless of how many locations the customer has.
  4. Choose Print Labels on the left and then click the Print button.
  5. Select the labels you want to use. ESC is comes with a template for Avery 8160 (30 address labels per sheet) but you can use the Configure Labels button to make it work with any label forms you want. It can even print on dedicated label printers if you configure the labels correctly.
  6. Click Begin Printing and you're done!
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