Why aren't my agreement invoices posting?


Not all agreement invoices post when selecting Agreements → Post Monthly Invoices.

Cause of Issue:

There are a few different reasons this can happen.

  • The date you are posting is before the Begin Invoicing On date in the agreement. 
  • There is a date in the Last Invoiced field on the agreement that is in the same month and year that you are trying to post. 
  • The month you are logged into ESC as does not appear in the Month to Post field on the agreement. 
  • The agreement that does not post is not of the type you specify in Post Monthly Invoices screen.


Complete the following steps if you suspect an agreement should have posted an invoice but didn’t.

  1. Launch ESC and make sure the login date is set to the day you want to show on the agreement invoices. 
  2. Go to Agreement → Agreement List and search for the customer using the field at the top of that window. 
  3. Double click the agreement to recall it. See if the date that appears in the Last Invoiced field matches the month and year you used when you logged into ESC. If it does, either someone entered this in manually or ESC thinks you really created an invoice for this agreement in the current month. To post it again, you can delete this date, but it would be a good idea to look at the customer on the qualification screen before doing this just to make sure that invoice does not still exist. 
  4. Note the contents of the Type field if you are planning on posting by type. 
  5. Go to the Invoice tab and make sure there is at least one line item that is set for the month you are currently logged into. 
  6. Ensure the Begin Invoicing On date is at or before the date you used to login to ESC. 
  7. Save the Agreement. 
  8. Go to Agreements → Post Monthly Invoices. If you are using a type, make sure it matches what you noted in Step 4. 
  9. Click Begin Posting and click the Post All button. 
  10. Print or email the invoices if desired. 
  11. Recall the customer on the Qualification screen and make sure you see the created invoice there. 
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