How To Work With Caller ID


Once your setup is complete, you are ready to begin using the new Caller ID features.

Need to setup Caller ID?

Notice the phone icon that appears in your system tray when you open your ESC company.

Note: This icon may be hidden the first time you open the company. If that is the case, click the arrow to the left of the system tray to display all hidden icons or simply wait until the phone rings. You should then be able to see the icon as described above.

When an incoming call is detected, the receiver on this icon will move as if the phone were ringing. Click on this icon to display the following screen. This screen will only be displayed if ESC is the active program. If you are working in another program, switch to ESC before clicking the icon.

This screen will show you a list of incoming phone calls. At a glance you can see the name and the phone number of the person making the call, as well as the line/extension they are calling in on. If the phone number shown already exists in your database you can instantly recall that customer's information on the Qualification screen by clicking the Recall link. If you are using the TAPI Caller ID setup, you can set ESC to automatically display the information on the Qualification screen as soon as you pick up the appropriate line/extension.

If the phone number isn't in your database, you will have an Add link instead. Clicking the Add link will display the following screen. This screen will allow you to associate the number with an existing customer or create a new customer based off the information supplied by the phone company.

Matching the number to an existing customer

To match the number to an existing customer, simply select the desired customer and location from the list. If the Caller ID information does not match the name of the record in ESC, simply enter the desired CUSTOMER NAME (not location name) in the Search for field to jump to the first record that matches. This may be necessary if you want to associate a person's private cell phone with the company they work for or if the caller has specifically told the phone company to block Caller ID information on their number.

Click the Match to the selected location button once the record has been selected. This will add the phone number to the selected location as an alternate number. Alternate numbers are not readily visible in the customer's record but will be used to identify the customer when they call in using that number in the future.

If you will want to use the new phone number to contact the customer in the future click the Match Options tab and fill out the remaining information before clicking the Match to the selected location button. Doing so will display the following screen where you can see the current visible phone numbers and phone labels associated with that location. Change the Match phone number to field to select the phone field you want to update and enter a name for that phone number in the Label for phone number field before clicking the Match to the selected location button.

Adding a new customer

If you want to create a new customer instead of attaching the number to an existing one, click the Add as a new customer button to import the name and phone number provided by the Caller ID service to the Enter Customers screen (as shown below). Note: Most Caller ID services do not send separate first and last name fields. In these instances, the entire name will be put in the last name field. You may need to edit this information before saving it in the case of residential customers.


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