ESC Mobile Tech: Collecting Signatures


Collecting signatures from the people you do business is imperative in keeping your business safe.  Signatures come in handy often when trying to determine who may have authorized work to be done or if there is a billing dispute further down the road.  

In ESC Mobile Tech, you'll have the ability to collect signatures on both invoices and quotes.  Before you begin, you may want to setup the title and verbiage that appears on the signature page displayed for customers.  To do this, head to Company → System Setup → Mobile.  Fill in the Title and Text you would like the customer to see when signing in both the Authorization section and the Acceptance section.  The information entered in these fields can also be printed on invoices and quotes when a signature is captured.

In ESC Mobile Tech, both the Quote screen and the Invoice screen will have the ability to capture an Authorization signature - only the Invoice screen will have an option for an Acceptance signature.  

The Authorization signature may be collected from the customer once the invoice is completed, this is to show that they agree to the charges and the technician may begin the work. The Authorization signature will lock down the invoice or quote, so no further changes can be made once the customer agrees to it. If changes do need to be made, the signature can be cleared and collected again once the changes are made. 

In the Authorization screen, you'll notice that all items from the invoice or quote have toggles or check boxes next to them.  This allows the customer to reject certain items before authorizing the work to be done.  When items are rejected, the price of the invoice or quote will automatically be adjusted.

The Acceptance signature can be collected once the work is done and the customer is satisfied.  Unlike the Authorization signature, no items can be rejected when collecting an Acceptance signature.

When the dispatch is completed, the signatures will be sent back to the office along with the invoice and any payments collected.  The signatures will only be visible, however, on printed invoices and quotes.  You can control how and where the signatures print on your invoice forms by going to File → Print Options → Forms → Invoice Forms: Customize.  Select a form to edit and then click the Design button.  

Under the Designer Forms column, open the Invoice heading and make sure to select the signature boxes that you want displayed on the printed form.

These will appear as fields with blue brackets in the form itself and can be moved and resized as you see fit.

It is important to note that if no signature is captured, and therefore cannot be displayed, then the Contract title and text fields will also not be printed.  Be sure to click Save and Close when you are done editing your form.


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