My Device Won't Detect My Card Reader


You've decided you want to start charging credit cards in the field and have gone through all of the necessary steps to get Cayan integrated with ESC.  Now all you have to do is plug in the card swiper and start making money.  Except when you do this, your device tells you it cannot detect the card reader.  What's going on?


First thing's first, let's make sure you have the correct card reader for your device.

  • For any Windows machine - ESC or ESC Mobile Laptop - the MagTek Dynamag or IDTech SecureMag reader will connect to your machine by USB port so that cards can be swiped on the spot.
  • ESC Mobile for Android will require the IDTech Shuttle.  It is common for Cayan to suggest a Genius type card reader, but this is not compatible with ESC's Mobile app.
  • ESC Mobile for Apple devices is only compatible with the MagTek iDynamo card reader.

Note:  While these readers cover a large range of devices, there are some exclusions.  Click on the link above for your card reader and make sure the make and model of your device is on the list of compatible devices.


Next, if you have ensured you are using the correct reader for your device, make sure the volume on your device is turned up all the way. If the volume of the device is turned down, there won't be enough power flowing through that port to operate the card reader. 


If, at this point, your device is still not able to detect the card reader, you'll want to contact Cayan's technical support regarding getting the reader exchanged or repaired.

Additionally, Android users can further test the connectivity of the reader by downloading an app called ID TECH Unimag Demo.  Opening the app on your Android device while the card reader is connected will immediately tell you if the reader can be detected at all.  

   ID TECH UniMag Demo- screenshot

Warranty Note:

If you have purchased your card reader through Cayan, your first 30 days is covered by the merchant service. You, however, still have a 1 year warranty through ID Tech. Please contact ID Tech, 1-800-984-1010, or visit them online here, for any information related to the warranty or servicing of your card readers. You will need to provide the Model/Part and Serial Numbers to process an RMA.

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