How To Reopen a Completed Dispatch


There may be occasions where you complete a dispatch by mistake or need to modify something about the dispatch after it has been completed. This can be easily remedied by recalling the original dispatch and modifying or reactivating it.

You can find a completed dispatch using one of these methods:

  • If you know which tech the dispatch was assigned to and the date it was completed you can use the History feature on the Electronic Dispatch Board to find it quickly. To do this, simply change the Display Date of the EDB to the date the dispatch was completed and change the Board status from Active to History. Look under under the technician's name for the dispatch.
  • If you know the customer the dispatch was for you can use the Customer Center instead. Use the Search field at the top to locate the customer.  The Recent Dispatches will be listed in their Detail panel on the right side of the screen.  

Once you find the desired dispatch, double click it and the dispatch will open on the Dispatch Entry screen with the Schedule tab open. At this point you can change the information on any tab and click Save to modify the dispatch while still keeping it in a completed state.

If you want to reactivate the dispatch, stay on the Schedule tab and click the Add New Techs to the Dispatch button. Select the technician you want to assign the dispatch to and adjust the Date Promised and Time if desired. Click on Save and the dispatch will be reopened for the tech and time you specified.


Written by Thomas Figura
Edited by Jean Gray
Featured in May 2009 Newsletter

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