The Asset of Attitude


It’s always good to be reminded of the human factor in business. Here at dESCO our company motto is:

Service is the lifeblood of an organization, everything flows from it and is nourished by it. Customer service is not a department; it’s a company-wide attitude!

Our attitude toward service reflects our belief that it is the least expensive and the most effective way to build satisfaction and loyalty in a customer base.

Our customer’s perception of what we do in response to his or her needs remains a pivotal challenge that we must always work to improve.  As we seek to hire the most competent staff possible, we all have an obligation to bring people into an organization that truly understand that helping the customer is Job #1.  This is something that is intangible yet more important than we will probably ever know.  Every month when you track your typical costs, such as material, equipment, salaries, advertising, and the like, take time to think about this indefinable free asset of attitude. It may be one of the biggest factors that affect your bottom line today and tomorrow. 

Communication is another area that needs our focus.  If a business is to fully relate to the world, the people within its walls must be able to understand each other.  Every one of us understands conversation and messages differently, being able to identify the method that is best suited for each individual is important.  Finding common ground to describe or explain a given situation is possible.  At times we may need to try out a few methods before we find the right match.  If the message does not get through it is most likely the fault of the sender, if reworded it may be perceived more clearly by the receiver.   The impact of words, spoken or written cannot be underestimated. 

Take a moment to think about or evaluate each team member’s role in your business.  Do they feel good about what they are doing?  Have you given them positive feedback at times when they have shown outstanding customer service?  Each person has a job to do and each role is important to your business.  Whether they are answering the phones, entering invoices, working your parts counter, or at your customer’s home or office, how we work and live together plays a key and vital role in the success of the business.

Written by Mari Vivet
Featured in July 2010 Newsletter

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