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We created ESC so that the first thing you see when you login in the morning is the dashboard. This is a fantastic tool that not only lets you see important messages from us, but also critical information about your company. And while this information is great, not everyone needs to see it. Luckily, you can customize the dashboard so that each user only sees the information they need. So let’s take a look at ESC’s security settings and what you need to do to make this happen.

Begin by logging into ESC using the Admin account and go to Company → Setup Users. Highlight the user you want to modify and click Edit. Click Next until you get to the Selected Security Options screen and scroll down until you see the Dashboard section, near the bottom of the screen. Put a check mark next to the items you want the user to be able to see and access, then click Finish. Now, when the user logs in they will only be able to see the items you selected for them.

It is also possible to change the order of these sections on the dashboard itself by clicking the Customize Dashboard link in the bottom left-hand corner of the dashboard. Once there, you can highlight a panel and use the up and down arrow keys on the toolbar to move it into the order you want.

Here is a brief breakdown of each panel, what they can do for you and who should see them.

Currently Open Company

This panel will show you the name of the currently open company along with the version of ESC and the Connections Server that you have installed. If any upgrades are available, a link to the upgrade will also show here in red. This is an excellent panel to allow everyone to see as it makes applying updates easy.

This section also includes a link to manage your mobile licenses and shows the last date a backup was made from within the software.

Getting Started

This section includes links to help you get started using ESC. This is a great resource when you are first starting out, but less necessary later on.

Open Company

This section allows you to open or create a new company. It is generally unnecessary for most users as it is easy to open or create additional companies using the File pull-down menu.

Service Agreement Summary

This panel shows you a quick overview of your agreements, including the total number of active, new, and renewed agreements. It will also show the number of agreements expiring this month and the next. We highly recommend allowing everyone to see this panel to keep them focused on selling agreements.

Sales Trend

You can use this panel to see your overall sales for the last 13 months. This gives you the ability to see sales trends and compare the current month vs. the same month last year. This is generally shown to managers, salespeople, and anyone who creates invoices.

Sales By Department Year To Date

This panel shows all of your sales broken down by department for the year. This report does not include any tax collected. Like the Sales Trend, this should generally be shown to managers, salespeople, and anyone who creates invoices.

Aged Payables

This panel shows amount you owe for bills entered into ESC. It is only available when using ESC Accounting. This should be shown to managers and anyone who is responsible for ordering parts and paying bills.

Aged Receivables

This panel shows your total receivables balance. It should be shown to managers and anyone responsible for collections. This panel is only available if you are using ESC Accounting or no accounting integration.

Written by Eric Rausin
Featured in February 2013 Newsletter

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