How Do I Add a Technician Biography to my Status Notification?


Status Notifications are an excellent way to stay in contact with your customers and let them know the status of their current projects.  What makes them even better is the ability to add a technician's photo to those outgoing messages so the customer has an image of who they will be meeting.  This not only gives your messages a professional flare, but also provides customers with a sense of security.  

You can take those messages a step further by adding a short biography to the technician's profile to give your customers a better understanding of the person about to knock on their door.  

To do this, head to Dispatch → Enter Technicians and double-click on a technician's name.  Now click on the Biography tab.

You can add the technician's photo by clicking the Select Photo button and selecting an image from your computer.  Next to their picture is where you'll want to type a short introduction to this technician that customers will see in their notification messages.  Once that is done, click OK.

Update Your Notifications

To add a technician's information to your Status Notifications, you'll head to Dispatch → Enter Status Codes. Double-click on the status you need to update and then navigate to the Notification tab.  

Place your cursor in the message where you want the technician's picture and biography inserted.  Now go to the Insert button on your toolbar and select Employee Photo to insert their picture, Employee Name to add their name and/or Employee Biography to insert the introduction bio that you wrote for the technician.  Click OK once you are satisfied with the notification message.

Now, when a Status Notification message is emailed to your customers, they'll see the information provided for the assigned technician.


Tip: Hitting the Enter key between paragraphs will separate the paragraphs by two lines.  It will look like a single space when building the message, but will appear as a double space when the message is received. This is due to how HTML formatted emails handle spaces between individual paragraphs.  To break up paragraphs by only a single line, hold down the Shift key on your keyboard when you tap the Enter key.

If you have not previously setup Status Notifications for your Status Codes, please see our Status Notifications article for more information on this process. 

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