How Do I Add Wage Items for Payroll?


A wage item is the line item on a paycheck that tells ESC what the paid amount is for. These wage items can be for regular wages, salary, overtime, bonuses, vacation pay, etc. Here’s a breakdown of the fields you’ll need to populate:

  • Name – The name of the wage item. This can be something simple like any of the example stated above.
  • Type – This defines what type of wage item it is. You’ll notice that when you select different types, the options in the Category field will change depending on what you choose. An example is if you choose Annual Salary as the Type, “Overtime” will not appear in the Category list because salary employees do not get overtime.
  • Category – This tells ESC how it should appear on the reports.
  • Expense account – The expense account that this wage item will affect. This is most likely some kind of payroll expense account. On the Tax Items tab you can selectively choose which taxes apply to this wage item.

To enter new Wage Items, head to Employees → Wage Items:

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