How To Enter Workmans Compensation Codes in ESC Accounting


New Workmans Compensation Codes can be added by going to Employees → Workmans Comp Codes.  This screen allows you to enter multiple Workmans Comp codes that determine how the insurance premium is calculated on the Workmans Compensation report.

To add a new code, click the Add New button and add codes you will need.

  • Code – Enter a worker’s comp code. 
  • Description – Enter a description.
  • Rate – Enter the correct rate for this code.
  • Active – Default is active. To make the workman’s comp code inactive, remove the check.

Note: Workman’s Comp in ESC is calculated as a percentage. For example, if you wanted to set up a workman’s comp class 5537 to calculate $6.81 per $100.00 of wages you would enter the code as shown below. 


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